A New Approach for Marvel Comics?

On February 12th of this year, the “fourth wall” was broken in the movie Deadpool. The Fourth wall is a theatrical term for the imaginary “wall” that exists between actors on stage and the audience. Which is also applied to movies. What it means to break the fourth wall is when a character acknowledges that they are in a movie or play. Typically in movies today this approach is not taken by directors or publishing companies. It’s even more unheard of for Marvel films that are derived from their comics such as; Iron Man, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers. They never break that “fourth wall”. They also never include much profanity or sexual content. Which is one of the reasons why it took nearly 11 years to get deadpool to the big screen. After test footage was anonymously leaked the fans of the comic went crazy and ultimately catapulted it onto the big screen in 2016.

Ironically the character’s dry sense of humor along with his vocabulary filled of profanity, created a sense of charm that was brought to life by actor Ryan Reynolds. The approach taken with this particular marvel film was new and exciting like nothing people had seen before. Therefor, was it not only embraced by the loyal fans, but by society. By word of mouth it spread quickly that deadpool was something to at least check out. These are all reasons why Deadpool became the third R-rated movie to cross the $300 million mark.

You can also find a few X-Men characters throughout this film because the brand’s connection through X-Men Origins. Another crowd of fans that took to the film, Deadpool. This Marvel movie, created a lot of interconnections to ensure we’ll see Deadpool again on the big screen. Whether that be in the X-men world or a Deadpool sequel.


Super Bowl; The American Dream

The most highly anticipated sporting event of the year, Super Bowl 50! Another year of two teams battling it out for the tittle of champions. A game full of blood, sweet, tears and heart. Along with the iconic Super Bowl commercials and half time show. Not to mention the food at the parties. Chili on a Super Bowl Sunday? Yes please! Now that sounds like the American Dream.

On Sunday, February 7th, the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers stepped onto Levi’s Stadium filed in San Francisco. Both teams had amazing years leading them to this moment. They obtained a goal some players can only dream about. Both teams also road in with great quarterbacks, Cam Newton for the Panthers and the legendary, Peyton Manning, for the Broncos. Surprisingly crowd favorite and expected champions was rumored to be the Carolina Panthers. People weren’t sure if the Bronco had it in them. Peyton has had many amazing years playing in the NFL, five-time league MVP, was with the Indianapolis Colts for 14 seasons and left with a Super Bowl ring to show for the years spent with the team. Because of all the hype around him and his age people had their doubt. Little did people expect, the Broncos pulled out a championship. Which was quite a contrast from them getting shut out by the Seattle Seahawks during Super Bowl 2014. It was clear to people the games turn out was a result of great defense played by the team but especially the outside linebacker, Von Miller, who was awarded this year’s Super Bowl MVP. It was a great way to see Peyton Manning go out with another champion ring on his finger. Even to his brother Eli Manning, another star NFL quarterback for the New York Giants, demise. Game ended with not only a championship but a hilarious meme floating around social media of Eli’s face when he realized his brother just won another Super Bowl.

Yes, the game of football is held so dear in so many of our hearts. However it’s not everyone’s game. This is where the hype of Super Bowl commercials come in, not to mention the half time show of one or more large performers and the food are also incentives to draw people in. This way everyone can find a little joy on the day of the American dream, Super Bowl Sunday.

Hope to Schizophrenia?

Could it be? Schizophrenia may no longer be a life-sentence. For those who don’t understand the full concept of this mental disorder, here it is broken down. It involves your thoughts your emotions and behavior causing you a faulty perception. Which can lead to inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation. First thought into your mind after being diagnosed is probably, intimidation, because it involves everything you use in order to make a responsible decision during everyday life. It twists your mind so you can no longer tell the difference between your reality and your imagination. The second thought running through your jumbled mind is probably the words spoken by your doctor right after he diagnosed you, “There is no cure”.

Schizophrenia has been to known to be incurable. However, it is not untreatable. Doctors say early detection is key in remaining a somewhat normal lifestyle. Proper treatment can reduce the symptoms of this mind captivating disease. Many partially effective therapies exist, but none can guarantee a permanent end to a specific case of the disease. Today so much hope is given to people who contract this disease because of the therapies and medications, but that still doesn’t stop people from searching for a cure. So people don’t have to be chained to a regimen of prescriptions everyday.

A main hurdle when it comes to Schizophrenia is the patient’s ability to stay on tract with the treatments. Tyrone Cannon, a Professor of Psychology at Yale University wrote Cure for Schizophrenia basically stating, without the treatment process at least 70% of patients are guaranteed almost a full psychotic relapse within a couple years. The constant irregular treatments can cause more damage to any progress. This is where whispers of a cure come. Cannon writes, “Given that the medications available to treat schizophrenia were discovered to be of some (albeit limited) benefit by accident, many scientists in the field are interested in new drug development that is based on knowledge of the specific mechanisms involved in the onset of psychosis”. Now more than ever it seems they are looking into the transition form adolescence into a adult, mostly because this is when the disease is diagnosed in people. Research of understanding and addressing what genes are involved and how to correct the chemical imbalance is what gives people hope of one day finding a cure for Schizophrenia.



President Obama Getting His Last Word In

Obama’s last state of the union speech was given yesterday on January 12th, 2016. As a young adult I haven’t really exposed myself to politics or nationwide issues to the extent I probably should have as a young voter. So when this assignment was assigned to watch President Obama speak, the only thing I knew before hand was what a strong public speaker he is and the basis of his democratic outlook. Growing up I’ve always gone along with my parent’s views and political stand, never questioning it. To be honest I was kind of dreading having to watch at least 30 minutes of the Presidents speech. I thought how boring, what a drag. But as I watched I realized there was something so relatable about Obama and even appealing, not just in the calm determined manor in which he speaks but his aspirations for even generations to come. I found myself slowly forming my own opinions towards political and national issues he was speaking on. I also found myself becoming inspired that our country is ready for change and that politics can reflect the best in us as a country not the worst. And before I knew it, I was 30 minutes in, I had met the lowest required time for the assignment but I didn’t stop watching. I genuinely feel, especially for young people, we have had a President that’s not only inspired us but help us believe we have a say and our vote matters.

It’s crazy to me how many republicans have such an awful and close-minded perspective of Obama. When listening to his speech he truly seems to want to help the American people and cause change to benefit generations to come. At the end of the day can’t the two parties at least agree on that? Don’t we all want the same end result and have the same goals? If so then it really does puzzle me. Obama even says with slight humor in his voice, “Sometimes the two sides agree believe it or not.” He spoke on regulating gun laws to reduce gun violence, equal pay for men and women, our broken immigration system and a growing economy that also works for everybody. Overall changing and reshaping the way we live. Giving everyone and equal chance to succeed. I think one of his main points most young people agree with today is making college affordable for everyone who puts in the effort to succeed. Attending and graduating from college shouldn’t be rewarded with overwhelming debt to show for the end of it. Inhibiting you from living the life you were told a degree would get you. He also touched on affordable healthcare and so many more things he is determined to accomplish within this next year.

President Obama’s speech really did open my eyes to wanting to be more educated with what is going on in my country and what/who I’m voting for. Regardless of being a Republican or Democrat. This is such an amazing time to be an educated young adult in multiple areas, not just in schooling. The next time something political comes around, I was to be engaged in the conversation and I want to ask questions in order to form my own opinion on what is occurring in my country. I don’t want to be the clueless young adult who doesn’t see what a pleasure it is to have a voice and to use it in the form of voting. I think its extremely important for my generation to throw ourselves in the lions den and become more aware of our surroundings. Maybe next time the Kardashians are on or the MTV Music Awards, we can take a step back to turn on the news and realize, “hey, it might be just, if not more, valuable to be educated on what’s happening in the world as it is to be educated on what Kim Kardashian decided to name her new baby boy or who won best music video in 2015”.

Just some food for thought.